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Linzir Capsules

Linzir-Shiitake Tea

Mushroom Biotechnology

We are a producer of cultivated medicinal mushrooms using our patented technology called the “Everbloom Process”. The growing of Shiitake mushrooms using traditional methods normally takes 10-12 months before harvest under natural conditions. This natural production method makes it difficult to control the supply all year round. The process of shortening the growing period using a sawdust supplemented substrate under environmentally controlled conditions has been successfully developed by Dr Tan in 1979 at the then University of Singapore under a research grant from the International Foundation for Science, Stockholm. This discovery was scaled up commercially in 1980. Everbloom’s cultivation process has been patented and proven to be 13 times more productive than under natural climate conditions.

The Company grows and trades primarily in Shiitake mushrooms. We also grow and trade in other medicinal mushrooms such as Enoki, Nameko, Monkey Head and Pink, Yellow, Grey and White Oyster mushrooms, King Oyster mushrooms and Maitake.


Nutraceuticals & Functional foods

What is a nutraceutical?
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods are foods that have a health-enhancing benefit. According to Dr. Stephen DeFelice, Endrocrinologist and Chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, Craneford, N.J., “A nutraceutical is any substance considered to be a food, or part of a food, with medicinal or health benefits, including the prevention, treatment, or cure of diseases”.

A rapidly expanding body of scientific knowledge supports the vital role of diet in overall health and well-being. As consumers no longer view food as merely a means of providing sustenance they are looking at nutrition as a means for self-medication and disease prevention.

“We at MycoBiotech strongly believe that Shiitake, and other medicinal mushrooms hold the key, to the development of remedies for diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, HIV, diabetes and others. An increasing body of international research supports this belief and we are committed to devoting our resources to further develop this body of evidence.”

MycoBiotech concentrates its efforts on the furthering of good health practices by the production of nutraceuticals and functional foods and the dedication of its expertise to research, focusing on development of remedies for cancer as well as other diseases.Nutraceuticals

Our nutraceutical products are Linzir capsules and Linzir Elixir extracts, the Essence of Shiitake Gano-X, Odorex and Linzir Tea.

Linzir capsules
contain concentrated extracts of Lingzhi and Shiitake. These products contain polysaccharides and triterpenoids which have been found to enhance the body’s well-being, help overcome fatigue, relieve asthma, fight bacteria, lower blood pressure, prevent HIV infection, increase white blood cells, improve digestion, and boost sexual stamina, Jones K. (1995). The Healing Mushroom. Rochester: Healing Arts Press; and Willard T. (1990). Reishi Mushroom, Herb of Spiritual Potency and Medicinal Wonder.

Linzir Elixir is a liquid extract of the Lingzhi and Shiitake mushrooms blended with honey. It is targeted at consumers who prefer liquid to capsules and essentially contains all the medicinal benefits found in the Linzir capsules.

Linzir Tea
is a blend of Lingzhi and Shiitake mushrooms packed in tea bags for infusion to be served as a beverage for enhancing the body’s immune system.

Essence of Shiitake
is a concentrated liquid extract of Shiitake mushrooms in a 2.5 oz glass bottle containing all the nutritional benefits of Shiitake mushrooms. It is a health supplement which relieves fatigue and enhances the body’s overall well-being. It also contains a particular polysaccharide component of Shiitake mushroom, Lentinan, which has been confirmed through research, to be an immuno-enhancer. Lentinan has been found to reduce tumour growth and to prolong the life of cancer patients.

Gano-X is a pure Lingzhi extract containing triterpenoids and polysaccharides. It is positioned as a anti-hypertension anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic product.
Odorex is an extract from the champignon mushroom. The product is positioned to eliminate body odour, bad breath and faecal smell.


Functional Foods

Our functional foods may be summarized into the following categories given below:
Mushroom Crunchies are snacks made of vacuum-fried straw mushrooms and are available in various flavours;

Shiitake Superior Soups
containing Abalone, Scallops and Shiitake mushrooms. Eight varieties have been formulated;

Shiitake Herbal Soups contain Shiitake and traditional Chinese herbs doubled boiled with chicken. Six varieties are commercially available;

Shiitake In Sauces are pour-over sauces contain Shiitake mushrooms with various other oriental and western sauces. Eight varieties are available;

Oriental Gourmet and Exotic Mushrooms Soups
which contain Shiitake and other mushrooms with local flavours and ingredients. Six varieties are available for both range of soups; and Mushroom Pickles are mushrooms preserved as pickles in three varieties.


Biopharmaceutical R&D

Our biopharmaceutical products have been developed from our research on the various types of medicinal mushrooms and are the first products of its kind in the world. Our first product MycoGlucan is in capsule form and contains polysaccharides from five different mushrooms which include: Shiitake, Lingzhi, Yunzhi, Monkey Head and Maitake. The polysaccharides, essentially ß glucans, have been shown to enhance the immune system , stimulate macrophages, T-cell, NK cells and increase production of antibodies, interferon and interleukins.

The product MycoDiab (also known as Tremellastin) is a biotechnological product produced in fermentor culture from the Yellow Brain mushroom. The main active component is the polysaccharide glucuronoxylomannan. This product is recommended to prevent diabetes and to stimulate the immune system. The production process in fermentor culture and the product have been patented in the U.S.A.

The product MycoVastatin (also known as Plovastin) is also a biotechnological product produced in fermentor culture from the Oyster mushroom. The main active component is statins which inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis and prevent atherosclerosis. The product and the production process in fermentor culture have been patented in the U.S.A.