Everbloom Mushroom Farm

The Everbloom story

Dr. Tan Kok Kheng, Ph. D was an academic who turned business entrepreneur when he discovered that result of the scientific research he was doing in the National University of Singapore had far reaching health and commercial potential. The research project was on the use of agricultural waste as a source of food production. It was financed by the Stockolm International Foundation for Science.

Dr. Tan discovered a shorter growing time for Shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms in the wild and traditional methods of cultivating the mushroom took one year to fruit but Dr. Tan discovered a method of reducing the growth period to just six weeks. Fueled by the excitement of the discovery, and the health and bio-medical potential of Shiitake mushrooms, Dr. Tan decided to venture into the Mushroom growing business in 1980, the first in Singapore. Initial funding was from family members and a loan from the Economic Development Board's (EDB) Small Industries Finance Scheme.

Everbloom was the first bio-technology firm to receive funding of this nature at a time when small industries in Singapore were mainly involved in manufacturing. This major career switch makes Dr. Tan a pioneer in Singapore agro-tech industry. He was also among the first to bridge the gap between academic R&D and business. Everbloom is one of the few bio-tech companies in S.E. Asia spearheading mushroom and fungus related research. Since its inception it has gradually changed the eating habits of Singaporeans to a preference for fresh mushrooms. Now fresh mushrooms are an essential item in their shopping baskets.

Everbloom is the chief supplier of fresh mushrooms and mushroom products in Singapore. Sixty tons of fresh mushrooms are traded every month.


Year By Year

Discovery of “Express Cultivation (Everbloom Process)” for Shiitake mushrooms by Dr K K Tan

Incorporation of Company

Full scale commercial production commenced through 29 environmentally controlled growing houses in our farm at Seletar (1st and only one of its type in S.E.Asia)

Expanded product line to incorporate all mushrooms

International licensing of technology (Sri Lanka/ Indonesia)

Collaboration of R&D with University of Strathclyde and University of Singapore

Introduction of nutraceuticals

R&D activities through MycoPharma - Launch the “Mushroom Shop” to propagate health benefits of mushroom consumption

Investment in MedMyco (Israel) ­ Fungal Biotech Co. - Expansion into the U.K., start up growing operation in Kent - Initiated marketing activities in Malaysia Launched own website for E-commerce

Investment into PTRC (Indonesia) - JV & Licence North America

Acquisition of IP for Fungal Therapeutics - Commence Everbloom Direct, a multi level marketing division for sale of mushroom nutraceuticals

Listed in the U.S.A, Over-The-Counter.